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Wi-Fi Feasibility for your IoT Application

Today, every enterprise has Wi-Fi infrastructure in place to enable connectivity and mobility in the environment. It is safe to say Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and is the primary mode of connectivity for mobile phones, laptops, and a multitude of other things. But is using Wi-Fi for connecting all things a good solution? 

A Framework to Test WiFi Performance of Handheld Devices in Retail Environment

Technology has almost always had a positive impact in everyone’s life. Retail stores have been embracing technology not just to improve the customer experience but also to optimize the operational efficiency and improve the employee work experience. Handheld devices have played a major role in this regard.


WPA3 – SAE in Action

In my previous blog , I have discussed some of the concepts of Diffie Hellman (DH) key exchange and elliptic curve cryptography. In this post, I will be discussing how these work together to enable secure connectivity with WPA3-SAE. To understand this better, I have configured an SSID on juniper mist access point with authentication … Continue reading “WPA3 – SAE in Action”

A good Wi-Fi design is about getting four things right..!!

Becoming a good Wi-Fi design professional requires extensive knowledge in different aspects of networking and also some areas of project management. The 400+ pages of CWDP book from CWNP teaches you exactly that. From requirement gathering & analysis to post implementation validation, the CWDP curriculum is designed to make you a well rounded design professional. … Continue reading “A good Wi-Fi design is about getting four things right..!!”


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